About Us

BEZ EMPLOYMENT AGENCY (21C0612) is a registered comprehensive licensed agency with Ministry of Manpower, Singapore since 2021.

At Bez Employment Agency, we belief every employer and MDW are unique in different ways. Our motto, is to move forward, hear you and work with you in every step to meet your needs.

Our passionate agency committed to help and assist every employer and MDWs to meet their needs of care and employment. We hear you, match for you and empower you.

Create a best-fit solution for you
With our renewed vision from Aleenka Employment Pte Ltd (2015) to BEZ Employment Agency (2021). We work closely with employers and Migrant Domestic Workers(MDW) to hear, assess and provide the best suited possible outcome.

Focus, Empowered, Committed
We Focus on employer needs and match the right MDWs profile.
We Empowered our employers and MDWs to make the right choice.
We are Committed to offer our service and commitment to serve our clients.

Director's Message

Babita Kumari
Founder, Director

Bez Employment Agency(21C0612)

Welcome to Bez Employment Agency!

Bez Employment Agency was started in 2021 when I had decided to start an employment agency with a new boutique of services.

Bez Employment Agency is not seen as a business. I belief the potential care needs of elderly, families and children in Singapore. Every unique family has to earn and at the same time there are families who needs help and support for care needs.

Our employers are important to us. I belief to hear their voice, support them in every step and ensure the match of an employer to MDWs is suitable and sustainable.

I belief to guide and support potential MDWs to work in Singapore with a family, give them a chance to earn an income for their family back home.

Our service, will ensure the continuity of communication to the employers and MDWs. We will support and build a bridge to a better work relationship.

I personally work with Employment Associates from India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Philippines to ensure MDWs are trained and understand the responsibilities of a domestic helper in Singapore and are ready for employment.

I would like to thank you to trust Bez Employment Agency to serve you.


Raj Kumar
Associate Partner, India Branch

Bez Employment Agency(21C0612)

Raj Kumar, Associate Partner, India Branch

Raj Kumar, is an Associate Agent, India Branch.

Bez Employment Agency (Singapore) has been working with him and team. As most MDWs are coming from India.

Raj Kumar and his team, as an Associate ensures the MDWs from India are ready for employment in Singapore.

Their team provide full guidance to MDWS and shares with them the information on Singapore requirements.

Their team continues to communicate with MDWs in Singapore until they are more settle into their employment.

Raj Kumar plays an important role, to ensure MDWs and families understand the application process and gain their trust for a female to work in a foreign country.

Bez Employment Agency has started the construction of a Training Centre in Punjab (MDW) to train and upskills them as per requirements. We also provide them with Basic English language as an added value to expand their employment.

Bez Employment Agency is also working with Philippines, Myanmar and Mizoram Training Centre to ensure MDWs are trained to the requirements.